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About Us

Chengdu Jin Kai Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.was established in June 2008, with 71 employees and total assets exceeding 100 million yuan. Jinkai Biotechnology belongs to the Sichuan Industrial Revitalization Investment Fund (Group) Company and is also the achievement transformation base of Sichuan Food Fermentation Industry Research and Design Institute. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of efficient, green, and environmentally friendly biological products in industries such as agriculture, food, environmental protection, daily chemical, and medicine.

Jinkai Biotechnology has successively won the titles of "National High tech Enterprise", "National Science and Technology oriented Small and Medium sized Enterprise", "Sichuan Province Specialized, Refined, Special and New Small and Medium sized Enterprise", "Sichuan Province Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Enterprise", "Sichuan Province High Growth Small and Medium sized Enterprise", "Sichuan Province Enterprise Technology Center", "Chengdu Enterprise Technology Center", and "Chengdu Small and Medium sized Enterprise Growth Project Growth Enterprise" Multiple honors and provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards have been awarded. Jinkai Biotechnology has established extensive and in-depth cooperation with universities and companies such as Sichuan University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Sichuan Jinxiang Group.

At present, Sichuan Zhenxing Group plans to invest 200 million yuan to build a fermentation base for biological products in western China at Jinkai Biotechnology, and strives to successfully go public within 4-5 years through stock reform.

Subsidiary company
  • 四川百川金开生物工程有限公司是由四川省食品发酵工业研究设计院、天津科技大学及双方部分技术人员联合建立的股份制有限公司,注册资本1000万元,坐落于成都海峡两岸科技产业开发园区。
    Sichuan Baichuan Jinkai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • 安和康企业介绍:四川安和康生物科技有限公司创立于古蜀文明发源地—素有“天府之国”美誉的城市——四川成都,为四川省食品发酵工业研究设计院有限公司(1942年成立)的全资子公司
    Sichuan Anhekang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • 发展理念: 以人为本、科技兴企、合作多赢、长期发展。
  • 服务宗旨: 以客户为中心,提供专业、高效、贴心的服务。
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